What to expect

The first visit

During your first visit I will ask you questions about your current complaint, but also about your past medical history and overall health. In addition to this, I will perform a thorough examination with several orthopaedic, chiropractic and/or neurological tests. If you have already had any other investigations (e.g. x-ray, MRI/CT scan) done, it will be useful for you to bring them.

After combining all the results together, I will come to a diagnosis. It will then be determined whether a chiropractor can help with your complaint or whether a possible referral to another health care professional is necessary. Everything will be discussed with you extensively and we will make a treatment plan together. There is always room for all your questions.

Once everything is clear to you, we continue to the first treatment. 

The side effects

Chiropractic is a very safe treatment method. However, just like every other treatment method, a chiropractic treatment can cause some side effects, which are a reaction to the treatment. These possible side effects include muscle/joint aches or stiffness, fatigue and headaches. These normally disappear after a few hours to days. On the right you can find some tips to improve your body's recovery.

As your chiropractor, I will find treatment techniques most suitable for you in order to limit these side effects as much as possible.

What can you do?

Right after the treatment

- drink plenty of water 

- go for a little walk

- take some rest

- limit the amount of exercise for at least 1 day

To maintain long-term results

- follow-up on given ergonomic advice

- do prescribed exercises regularly

- drink enough water (min 2L per day)

- stay active

- don't wait too long if you feel any symptoms coming back

- or even better: come in for regular check-ups (every 2-6 months) - preventing is better than curing!

To reduce worries and doubts

- ask any questions that come up in your mind

- call me if you're worried about the side-effects


I'm here to help :)