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Why should I go to a chiropractor?

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Did you know research has shown neck pain existent for longer than 6 months has a poorer treatment outcome due to the chronicity of the problem?

Let's start with a simple metaphor. You've been driving the same car for years. It takes you everywhere. No matter the weather conditions, the bumps in the road, your car is unstoppable. This is because of course before going on any trip you make sure everything in your car is working properly. You check your tires, replace the oil, make sure the tank is filled up with the right fuel. Until the day comes one of those red warning lights on the dashboard lightens up, maybe a problem with the engine?

Do you keep driving? No - you go to a mechanic and get it fixed.

Now let's rephrase this.

Your spine has been supporting you your entire life, helping you make every movement, carrying all the load you have put on it. All those hours that you are sitting at your desk, slouching more and more as the time passes by - have you ever thought about your spine? That bit of an ache at the end of the day - might it be your spine trying to tell you something's not right? Or that incredible back pain after ignoring the little aches - might that be your body's red warning light, screaming for you to stop and do something about it?

Nowadays many people tend to spend a lot of their time stressing about work, whilst maintaining a poor posture. Time has become a serious problem and I believe one of the most commonly used excuses: no time to eat well, no time to exercise, no time to relax (no time to see a doctor!). We have become incredibly good at ignoring our body's warning signs, just some examples:

- Back pain after hanging on the sofa all day

- Neck pain or headaches after sitting at your desk, working on the computer

- Extremely tense shoulders from stress

- Injury after you have finally forced yourself to do some exercise now that the summer season is coming up...

If you keep on driving with a broken engine, your car will break down.

If you haven't used your car in a while, you can't expect it to drive you for a long distance without any problems.

Your body is your car "driving" you through life and your body needs you.

Take care of it. Give it the right fuel. Move it to keep it running. And give it some time to relax!

Chiropractic care can help to get your engine running smoothly again. It can help get rid of the blockages (or subluxations) that are present in your body. These blockages may present with or without pain. On top of that, a chiropractor can also help you prevent complaints from forming in the first place, for example by correcting posture and movement patterns and also give advice on nutrition, exercising and reducing stress. See it as an MOT test for your body!

I like to call this concept CAROPRACTIC (just so that you will remember).

When is the last time you've had your body checked?

Make an appointment to find out what needs to be fixed on your car (AKA body) to make it run to its full potential.

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