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Text neck

How much time to do you spend looking around and enjoying how the leaves on the trees are being moved by that little breeze, how the sunlight is being reflected in the windows, the people around you are smiling at you... 

Hey you, look up! There's more in this world to enjoy than just the screen of your smartphone that is straining your neck and putting more and more pressure on your spine.

Necks aren't made to be in a tilted position for prolonged periods of time. The more you tilt, the more pressure there will be on the spine as well.

Good posture is one of the key elements for a healthy spine. The 'text neck' is a sign of poor posture and will cause your muscles to become strained and shortened, your vertebrae might get out of alignment and you lose the natural curve of your spine. As you can imagine, this can lead to e.g. neck- and back problems and headaches.

Take action now. Here are some tips to help your spine return to its natural curve or prevent any problems from occurring in the first place!

1. To begin with, put away your phone! 

I take an 80% chance that you're reading this on your phone right now... If you have a computer, use it! News articles, e-mails, Facebook etc. can all be read on a computer as well. You can put the screen at eye level so that you won't be straining your neck so much. Keep in mind, being in any position for too long isn't good, so get up from your computer at least once every hour as well.

2. In case you do have to use your phone...

...try to keep your phone at a level so that you need to tilt your head as little as possible. Don't stay in this position for too long. 

3. Regular exercise

Moving regularly helps to keep your spine flexible. Even if you're not the biggest fan of exercising, you can just go for a walk, go cycling, swimming... 

4. Do yoga or stretching exercises

Maintaining good posture and keeping the spine flexible are the main points of focus when preventing back- and neck pain. Doing regular stretches will help to keep your muscles loose so that they won't shorten up and pull your spine out of it's natural curve. 

Practising yoga on a regular basis will help you maintain good posture and keep your spine flexible. 

Check out the video below and her youtube channel for more awesome yoga videos!

5. Go to a chiropractor

Whether you have neck pain or not, we can't deny that most of us are on our phones, computers and in general with a bad posture more than necessary. If you already have problems you should not want to make it worse, and if you haven't got pain yet... you are likely to get some problems in the future if you don't change anything.

Your chiropractor can help realign your spine and restore the balance in the muscles, paired with giving you advice and exercises to keep your neck and back strong. 

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Remember, pain is a sign that you've already ignored all the warning signs and therefore no pain doesn't necessarily mean optimal spinal health. Therefore it's important to keep your spine checked to prevent the alarm bells from ringing!

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