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Sunburn is not cool!

Everyone knows of that "only 10 minutes in the sun" becoming "3 hours in the sun" feeling, where you think you won't need to put sunscreen, yet appear as a bright red tomato at the end of the day. Or that time where you think you won't need sunscreen yet... and only put it on when it's already too late.

After another personal experience with my white skin I would like to make everyone super aware that sunburn is not cool.

Despite the fact the sun makes us happy and gives us our daily dose of vitamin D, I think it's one of these things we all know the dangers of, yet don't take them so seriously.

But we should!

I'm sure you're burning for some sun facts (pun intended):

1. Risk of skin cancer

As we all know, sunburn is one of the biggest risk factors for developing skin cancer. Just by daily using SPF 15 or higher sunscreen you can already reduce this risk by 50%. Check out this handbook https://www.skincancer.org/prevention/graphics/handbook.

2. Early skin ageing

People seem to be spending loads of money on anti-ageing products, but actually by just protecting yourself from the sun more (which could be free), you can prevent the damaging effect the sun has on your skin.

3. Dehydration

The sun dries out your skin. Dried out skin is not pleasant. Sun exposure also dehydrates your body. If you've ever been to my clinic, you might have noticed me emphasising the importance of staying hydrated... Drink, drink drink (water!).

4. Recover

After a sunburn, your body needs to recover. If you have a sports injury, do you keep running? No (or at least you shouldn't). So if you burn your skin, do you keep sunbathing? (yes, you probably do.) But you shouldn't! Give your body time to heal before you expose yourself to the sun again. And apply sunscreen!

5. Sunburn symptoms

Sunburn hurts. Apart from your skin turning red like a lobster, your skin can even swell up and form blisters (which might be full of pus). You can feel like having the flu as well, with fever, nausea, headache and weakness. And then, as a bonus, your skin will itch and peel off like a snake's skin to get rid of all those cells that you've damaged with too much sun exposure! - No thanks.

6. Protect your skin

Sunscreen, hats, clothing, umbrellas. Or simply being out of the sun, especially between 10am and 4pm. It seems pretty self-explanatory, however many people (including myself) can be very ignorant to these simple solutions. Apply sunscreen, and re-apply!

7. Sunburn is not cool

No. It really isn't. It does not look nice, it is not a trend. As a matter of fact, a proper sunburn will be... hot. And that is not in the good way. So, not cool!

So all together, the sun is there to keep us happy, but just like most things, when you have too much, it leaves you sad!

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