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Updated: Mar 31, 2019

February is the month of LOVE <3 which is the perfect excuse to make this the month to realise how important it is to love your body - and yourself! 

We are all unique creations in this universe. As we go through our journey of life, we have one body and mind to carry our soul and spirit.       body + mind + soul + spirit = you

The better you take care of you, the more you will be in harmony with yourself. 

Sometimes we fall into habits that are hard to break free from, but remember that by becoming aware of what is really important, you have the power to change everything. 


As a chiropractor, I am obviously going to tell you how important it is to look after your spine. Have you ever stopped and realised how much your body has to endure in a lifetime? Walking, standing, sitting, lifting, staring at screens etc., and most of these positions for prolonged periods of time. If you're not having back- or neck problems yet, you might as well get prepared for it later on in life... Thankfully this can easily be prevented.


Human beings are thinkers. We have well-developed brains and most of the time it's very useful, but sometimes thinking too much causes worry, anxiety, depression... When we think too much, the you becomes unbalanced as the mind takes over. This can often cause complaints like chronic back pain, headaches, sleep disorders etc. 


For me personally the soul (and spirit) is the part of me that comes from within, my feelings, my intuition, that what my heart is telling me and also the energy that surrounds me. Often we are working jobs we don't like, spending time with people that drain our energy, eat food that makes us feel bad. By doing things that you love, being around people that make you feel good etc. you can feed your soul and feel better.

Here's some tips to stay in balance and show you some love:

1. Move

Regular exercise helps keep your muscles active and your joints supple. Did you know movement is the best way to prevent osteoarthritis from developing further? Remember exercise can mean anything from lifting weights at the gym, running, doing team sports, swimming, practising yoga to walking. As a bonus your body will produce hormones that reduce stress and make you feel better as well. Find something you love and it will be easy to do regularly! 

2. Drink plenty of water

Not only is our body made up of a large percentage of water, it also functions because of it! Many people seem surprised when I tell them their cramps or never-improving muscle soreness might be related to their limited water intake. What is it you imagine when you hear the words "dehydrated muscles"? Nothing good I'm guessing. Try to drink 2L water a day! (once you get used to it you won't have to pee all the time anymore)

3. Eat healthy

Feed your body with what it needs, and it will give you what you need: a well-functioning framework that will support you and give you all the energy you need. 

4. Get enough sleep

It's just as important to get enough rest as it is to get enough movement (remember balance!). Try to get enough rest each night and get up around the same time each day. 

5. Find time for you

Within our busy lives it's often hard to find time to take some time for yourself to just be. Only recently I've started dedicating some time to myself every day, and I cannot recommend it enough. Every day I practice some yoga in the morning, and meditate before I go to sleep. I love it and it makes me feel super good. But of course it can be anything else, like listening to your favourite music, reading a book, playing an instrument, or going to the gym. Find something you love, and dedicate some time for you, even if it's only 20 minutes - youdeserve it.

6. Have your spine checked

This wouldn't be a chiropractic blog if there wouldn't be some chiropractic advice! 

Many people think they only need to go see a doctor/chiropractor/other therapist when they have pain. WRONG! Pain is your body telling you you've waited too long and now it's really time to do something about it. This in a way is a great mechanism (even though many people still ignore it). However, how cool would it be if you can just ensure your body to be functioning properly, so that you might never have to experience this pain in the first place? You can.

The whole month of February 2019 I'm offering free spinal checks, out of love, because I want you to be the best possible version of you.

Please call for an appointment (+351) 917 482 144, e-mail me info@trines-chiropractic.com or send me a message on facebook. 

Love conquers all.

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