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How to go to a concert/festival without getting back pain

Concerts and festivals are amazing, but standing for a long time can often cause pain and discomfort in your feet, knees and back. Depending on your taste in music, some additional headbanging might add some neck pain to the list - the headaches the next morning might just be from too much beer!

Here's some things you can do to keep that body pain-free so you can keep rocking on! 🎸

1. Keep your knees relaxed

When standing, try to not lock your knees. By locking your knees, you will over extend your back, putting more pressure on the lower part of your spine.

2. Balance your weight on both feet

When standing for a longer period of time, you often start leaning on one leg after a while. Try preventing this, as it will twist your pelvis, again putting more pressure on your lower back.

3. Dance!

Being in the same position for prolonged periods of time, will eventually cause problems, even if you're in a perfect posture. You're at a concert, move those feet! 🕺

4. Wear comfortable shoes

Needless to say, comfortable shoes will give you more support. More support = less pain.

If your short, it's better to jump onto someone's shoulders than wear high heels 👠 (just make sure the person lifting you follows all these tips as well....)

5. Drink water

Even though beer contains water too, the alcohol will dry you out, which equals higher risk for headaches, tight muscles, discomfort and you guessed it, back pain.

6. Take your chiropractor

If all the above doesn't do the trick for you, just take your chiropractor, she loves music 😉 Or just book an appointment before/after the concert to sort your aches and pains to stop it from getting worse :)


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