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Coronavirus rules

Updated: May 4, 2020

Coronavirus rules - not in the way that it's cool, but an actual list of rules.

As we are all responsible for our own health as well as the health of others, I have set up a list of "rules" for attending the clinic - I'd like to kindly ask you to comply with these :)

1. If you are in quarantine (if you have been in contact with anyone with the virus), or if you are feeling ill or having any symptoms (fever, cold, cough), you cannot come to the clinic. If you can, please check your temperature in the morning of your appointment.

* Please keep in mind that if you are taking painkillers, this might mask a possible fever!

2. You should use a mask and wear this for the duration of your appointment.

3. Bring a towel to cover the treatment table to limit contact as much as possible.

4. Come at the time of your appointment - don't arrive too early as we don't have space to have people waiting. I will schedule the appointments in a way that leaves plenty of time in between patients, so you should never have to wait.

If you do arrive early, maintain the social distance, and please wait outside.

To further regulate this, you could send me a text / message on whatsapp to let me know you've arrived and I will come get you right away.

5. Come to your appointment alone. If you need to bring someone for whatever reason, please contact me beforehand to discuss.

6. Once you enter the clinic, limit touching anything as much as possible. I will open the door for you. Keep your distance from other people in the clinic. We can wave at each other, but no handshakes! :)

7. On entering the room, I will ask you to wash your hands for 20 seconds and/or disinfect your hands. After this, avoid touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth as much as possible.

8. I will ask you to put your personal belongings in a box to limit stuff lying around the room.

That's it! It might all be a bit unusual at first, but if we all take a bit of extra care, we can ensure the clinic to be a safe environment for all of us!

Thank you for your cooperation :)

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