• Lianne Trines, DC

Clinic precautions

In these times it's normal to feel a bit worried about coming into the clinic. I'm doing everything I can to make it a safe environment for everyone. I want to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible, so here you can read an explanation of the safety precautions.

1. All surfaces will be cleaned with alcohol at the beginning and end of the day, as well as in between every patient. The same applies to all equipment being used.

2. The treatment table will be covered with a towel (brought by patient). The headpiece will be covered in plastic, on top of this I will use the paper roll as usual. Both will be replaced after every patient.

3. I will wash and disinfect my hands or put new gloves whenever I have been in contact with something else than the patient or equipment.

4. I will be wearing a mask during the entire consultation (so will the patient), and during the treatment I wear gloves.

5. I am scheduling appointments in a way that leaves plenty of time in between patients. This gives me enough time to clean the room thoroughly, and at the same time patients will not be crossing paths and no one has to wait.

6. I will also be scheduling my appointments at intervals different to the dentist's appointments. This will help limiting patients crossing paths with dentist patients.

For new patients:

7. I'm doing a trial of online intake consultations, when possible, to limit the time you need to spend in the clinic. You will first be asked to fill in a questionnaire and send it back to me, then we will do the intake e.g. via Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime etc. This will all take place before your scheduled appointment. Contact me for more information. If you have booked an appointment already, I will send you the questionnaire by email.

Everyone can contact me at any time with any concerns, questions or problems regarding the current situation, the treatments, exercises etc. I advise you to contact me through email, WhatsApp, text message or Facebook rather than calling as during the treatments I will not be able to answer. If you do prefer to contact me by phone, please send me a message with your number and I will call you back as soon as I can, or we can schedule a time to call.

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